backseat EP out now  



James Clayton is a singer-songwriter who came out of Peterborough, Ontario. He left his hometown long ago to discover the world, living in Vancouver, Berlin, and now resides in Montreal. Having grown up on some of the classic dad soft rock hits of the 60’s and 70’s, his music is characterized by expressive ballads modernized by whimsical narrative.

His lyrics can be noted by their storytelling nature, often touching on introspection and love. While ‘Daze’ (Jesus Christ, Girl EP) explores the confusion that surrounds expectations of accomplishment, ‘Avalene’ (Backseat EP) realizes the endless commitment of a lifelong adventure in partnership.

His performances are known for their dynamic range between standstill intimacy and dancing energy. Through touring, James Clayton has built strong foundations in Toronto, Peterborough, Vancouver, Montreal, and Germany. He has sold out 150+ capacity venues in each of these regions and is continuing to grow.

His European-flavoured persona is grounded by Canadian roots, allowing him to feel both new and nostalgic. With the strong community growing around him, James Clayton is constantly seeking to record new ideas that reflect his observations of his meandering lifestyle.